Decentralised and Anonymous Identity.

Building the online ID of the future in order to solve identification problems by using facial recognition

Up to 100.000.000 monthly transactions - 90% payout for nodes.

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Introducing Biometrids

A platform that brings decentralized and anonymous id
to the blockchain, by using facial recognition.


Biometrids Identity Network

Biometrids provides the ultimate solution to identity verification problems. We aim to make stolen passwords, names, social security numbers, and more, a thing of the past. Utilizing the facial recognition capabilities of smartphone devices, each individual will be facially recognized on the blockchain.

Biometrids strives to create a revolutionary “One Face, One ID” phenomenon. It only takes a single recognition and no one will be able to manipulate identities on the blockchain. With this system in place, we expect a drastic reduction in identity theft.

Use Cases

Static ID

The primary application of Biometrids is the creation of a static means of identification that can never be manipulated. With Biometrids in place, a user will be blacklisted if such identification is used in perpetrating a scam or fraudulent activity in any transaction. You will verify the identity of any individual prior to completing your transaction to ensure your safety and security. With static ID in place, you can be certain that the party you are transacting with has never been flagged.

Package Delivery And Courier

Biometrids puts an end to package theft. Before delivery can be made, the courier personnel will cross-check the identity used during purchase against that of the individual accepting the package. Any deviation will mean the package will not be delivered. The mailman will have to scan the face of the individual accepting the package to guarantee it has been delivered to the correct recipient.

Car Rentals

Biometrids allows the swift verification of customers for car rental service. Rental car companies will no longer worry about customer driving records, credit, or fraud. With a simple facial scan, rental car companies will verify the customer’s identity and request the necessary documents. When utilized with locking solutions, Biometrids will usher in a fundamental shift in the car rental industry.

A Safer And More Secure Cryptosphere

With the rapidly increasing number of ICOs, safety and security is paramount. To prevent fraud and manipulation, confirming the identities of the participants is vital. Biometrids will bring about a responsible and interactive coin offering. The team and advisors of an ICO will have to identify themselves and be held responsible in the event the ICO fails.

Facial Recognition

With the advancement in machine learning and artificial intelligence, facial recognition can be utilized for identifying individuals. From childhood to old age, the contours of the face cannot change. Once registered on the blockchain, facial attributes remain static even with changes in age. Whenever a merchant, individual, or government is trying to identify you, a request will be sent to your smartphone for identification.

Identity Fraud Statistics

Identity theft has become a global epidemic. Biometrids aims to provide a lasting solution to this vexing problem. In 2015, 13.1 million people in America were victims of identify fraud and this figure grew to 15.4 million Americans in 2016. This translates to estimated losses equaling $15.3 Billion in 2015 and $16 Billion in 2016. Losses continue to grow each year.

In 2016, tax-related and employment identity fraud topped the list, while others included credit card, bank account, phone, utilities, and benefits fraud. In the US, California ranked worst with 54,744 complaints. Identity theft originating from data breaches is also on the rise with over 270 million identities exposed. With the increasing size and scope of identity fraud, there is a need to implement both preventive and monitoring mechanisms.

UK identity fraud

2008 77.642
2009 102.327
2010 102.672
2011 113.259
2012 123.589
2013 108.554
2014 113.839
2015 169.592
2016 172.919

API and Platform

The Biometrids API will integrate with many other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and allow them to implement Biometrids’ secure facial recognition login process.

Biometrids platform to be utilized across many industries including the financial, postal, and public sectors in addition to cryptocurrency wallets.

Real Estate
Public Sector

Token Sale

Token Name
Total tokens
Pre-ICO price
1ETH = 4000 IDS
ICO Price
19th Feb - 25th Feb:
3.000 IDS/1eth 26th Feb - 4th Mar:
2.600 IDS/1eth 5th Mar - 11th Mar:
2.200 IDS/1eth 12th Mar - 19th Mar:
2.000 IDS/1eth
3.000 IDS/1eth
2.600 IDS/1eth
2.200 IDS/1eth
2.000 IDS/1eth

The allocated 10% of the team and the 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years.

Every unsold coin during the ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to early investors in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on exchanges.

Investors will have the opportunity to get a share of all of these transactions that will be going through the Biometrids Platform. Investors can run their own node on the chain, with only 10.000 IDS.

When the system will be fully implemented around the world we would have upwards 100.000.000 transactions everyday with a cost of 10-40cents and a pay out of 90% for nodes.

In our PRE-ICO we offer 4000 IDS for the price of 1 ETH and in ICO the price will range from 2000-3000 IDS for 1 ETH.

Development stages

We will continue to build brand awareness of Biometrids and expedite the development of an onboarding process for businesses. Further stages of development will include new initiatives and improvements to our user experience.


This stage will commence when we reach our softcap of 3500 Ether. In this stage, we will start building the groundwork for the platform. This involves getting facial recognition operational and allowing users to begin creating their decentralised IDs. Password protection will be necessary in this stage. There will be no API integration yet, only a working system.


The start of API integration will be developed. We will build the API and let other platforms adopt our system into theirs.


During this stage, we will evolve the platform to use nodes. These nodes will be used for identifying people in the chain. Nodes will earn interest for their contribution to the chain.


API integration will be further developed. We will improve the API based on any feedback given from stage 2 and add more services to the API to further advance the system.


These next stages will remove passwords so that all users can access their account via facial recognition alone. Investments and proposals will be made to convince governments to adopt our system and have them integrate their local services into our platform.

Our roadmap

Start of idea
2017 Q1 and Q2
January - June– discussion and market study.
2017 Q3
Development of the concept. Find solutions to build the system.
2017 Q4
PRE-ICO 25 nov. -> 1 dec.
2018 Q1
ICO 19th Feb -> 19th Mar.
2018 Q2
Setting up foundation, and hiring process.
Start the Developing of stage 1.
Getting adopted to exchanges.
2018 Q3
Beta version of stage 1. Testing with community. Create design model and architecture for stage 2.
Release of stage 1 and start development of stage 2.
2018 Q4
Development of stage 2.
Create design model and architecture for stage 3. Start development of stage 3.
Community meet up, where we discuss ideas, current plans, future plans, and what happened since the end of ICO.
2019 Q1
Beta version of stage 2. Testing with community. Create design model and architecture for stage 4.
Start development of stage 4.
2019 Q2
Release of stage 2.
Alpha version of stage 3.
2019 Q3
Beta version of stage 3. Testing with community.
Release of stage 3.
2019 Q4
Beta version of stage 4.
Community meet up
2020 Q1 - Q2
Full assembling of product and full test. Partner up with new services, to use our API.
2020 Q2 - Q3
Biometrids go-live
2020 Q4
Community meet up
2021 ->
Ongoing branding and increase awareness of Biometrids to develop an onboarding process for businesses. Further, the development of the product with continue for bug fixing, new initatives and improve user experience.


Morten Nielsen

Founder & CEO

Morten is a crypto enthusiast with a deep insight into blockchain technology. He is passionate about new technologies and use cases, and is an entrepreneur who has built and sold a variety of online web shops.

He has great experience in sales, technology, and leadership. Morten is a problem solver, studying economics in his spare time.

Daniel Broe

Business Development & Partnerships

Daniel is in the lead of business development. He is passionate about blockchain and business development and is an entrepreneur.

He is currently working as a Senior IT and Finance consultant. Daniel was previously the co-founder of a Norwegian subsidiary sports analysis and Head of Department in Denmark.

Jolene Sapsworth

Marketing Manager

Jolene leads the marketing department.

She has been working with marketing and communication in a big Danish company.

She has a PBA in International Marketing and Communication and is also educated in Marketing Management. .

Kirill Beresnev

Ethereum Developer

Kirill is the lead Ethereum developer and is an enthusiastic blockchain engineer with five years of experience.

Kirill has extensive experience in Ethereum and blockchain development.

Kirill has previously worked with Smartum Pro and Hyperledger Fabric.

Kiril Ganchev

Algorithme and full stack developer

Kiril leads Algorithms. Kiril Ganchev has more than eight years of experience in image processing, computer vision algorithms, embedded systems, and periphery.

He has been working many years for Nokia and Microsoft projects, which have been successful and highly rated. He has also led a small, but highly skilled team of professionals.

Kiril studied Physics in the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and has participated in informatics, math, physics, and astronomy contests.

Jana Antonova

Graphic Designer

Jana is an experienced graphic designer and photographer, managing and coordinating graphic design projects from concept through to completion.

Jana is good at conceiving designs, as well as effectively building, motivating, and directing design and production.

Igor Novaković

Ethereum and web developer

Igor is an experienced web developer and Ethereum developer. Highly enthusiastic about new technologies.

Have a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. Graduated on “Agile Software Development – SCRUM methodology”.

Anton Adamansky

Java/Ethereum Specialist

Anton is developer with 15 years background in software engineering, worked for universities, large corporations and startups. Now he’s dedicated to blockchain projects, he’s working with Ethereum and Nem


Michael Møller Nielsen

Financial Advisor

Michael has worked with auditing and tax, as well as specialized consultancy, for companies and individuals since 2009. This includes business development for the optimization of business process and strategy plans.

Michael has a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Economics and Auditing and a PBA in International Marketing and Communication, and is also educated in Marketing Management.

Sabina Ketheiz

Technical and Product Advisor

Sabina is the director and founder at C.I.P. Consulting Group.

An advisory board member at Shape Robotics and former CEO of CP Robotics, Sabina has a Master of Arts in International Business Communication and Strategic Entrepreneurship.


The token is used to transfer data between two parities. When someone wants to identify to another person, they simply send a token with the request for the receiver. Then the receiver approves, and send the token back. The token holds the data requested, and sends back the requested data.
We do not have either Whitelist or KYC.
70.000.000 is for sale in our ICO, and 5.000.000 was for sale in our Pre-ICO.
On Monday 19th of february 12.00 gmt+1.
We will hopefully be on exchanges within Q2 2018.
Nodes run our artificial intelligence software, and help validate each account. This means that every node helps recognising people when there are changes in their biometrics.
We are the only REAL decentralised ID software. As we use no middleman for verification. Your face is the verification. Not your passport provided by others or driver license. This means that no one can manipulate the data.
We expect monthly transactions on our platform of up to 100.000.000 and maybe even more, if our system gets adopted widely. Each transaction has a price of 0.1-0.4cent per transaction. That’s about 25.000.000usd monthly transactions. The network of nodes shares 90% of all transaction fees. Rest 10% goes to foundation, to keep the system running.
The technology is so good at recognising people today, so in most cases this will not be a problem. If so the system does not recognise you, our first versions will have password and also a normal privatekey. This will change, when the system is 100% ready.
Watch this video, and see how good facial recognition is today. Forward to 7:40, if you don’t want to see it all:
When our ICO starts, you simply go to our website, accept our terms and conditions. Here after we will reveal the address for the smart contract. Go to your ether wallet, and transfer tokens to the contract. Coins are paid out immediately to your account.

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